RSACi Rating - Violence

In order to determine the level and type of violence, if any, in your content, you will be asked to go through a checklist of very specific terms about whether and how violence or its consequences are depicted. Definitions are provided for all terms which you need to understand in order to make the determinations necessary to answer the questions. The definitions are highly specific, and the objectivity of the system depends on using them carefully and correctly. You are urged to review the Definitions before submitting your answer.

Moving through the list below in order from top to bottom, please click the first button of the content descriptor that applies to your content. Does your content portray:

(v4) wanton, gratuitous violence
(v4) extreme blood and gore
(v4) rape
(v3) blood and gore
(v3) intentional aggressive violence
(v3) death to human beings
(v2) the destruction of realistic objects with an implied social presence
(v1) injury to human beings
(v1) the death of non-human beings resulting from natural acts or accidents
(v1) damage to or disappearance of realistic objects?
(v0) sports violence
(v0) none of the above