RSACi Rating - Language

In order to determine the appropriate advisory level for language, you will be asked to go through a checklist of very specific terms to determine whether or not your content contains language, expressions, images, portrayals, etc., which some viewers might potentially consider objectionable. The RSACi rating addresses two kinds of speech; 'hate speech' and 'objectionable speech'; that is, language ranging from mild expletives or profanity to crude, vulgar, and obscene statements and gestures. You are urged to review the Definitions before submitting your answer.

Moving through the list below in order from top to bottom, please click the first button of the content descriptor that applies to your content. Does your content portray:

(l4) crude, vulgar language
(l4) explicit sexual references
(l4) extreme hate speech
(l4) epithets that advocate violence or harm against a person or group
(l3) strong language
(l3) obscene gestures
(l3) hate speech or strong epithets against any person or group
(l2) profanity
(l2) moderate expletives
(l1) non-sexual anatomical reference
(l1) mild expletives
(l1) mild terms for body functions
(l1) slang
(l0) none of the above