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30th November 2004

For the Safe Internet, Self Regulation, Seoul
Phil Archer will be making a presentation on the subject of "Filtering and the Internet - how does it work?" The conference is organised and hosted by Korea Internet Corporations Association.

  • Conference website (Korean)
29th November 2004

GBDe Conference, Kuala Lumpur
ICRA's CEO, Stephen Balkam will be a panellist at this invitation-only gathering of CEOs of the telecommunications industry.

  • GBDe Summit website.
19th October 2004 ICRA is proud to be a W3C member

ICRA has become an affiliate member of the Word Wide Web Cosortium (W3C) and is now able to join the effort to lead the web to its full potential for all users, especially children. W3C is the body that works with industry to recommend standards for the internet, HTML & XML being the best-known examples. ICRA's particular interests are in the development of the "Semantic Web" and its underlying technologies such as RDF.

12th - 13th October 2004

W3C Workshop: Metadata for Content Adaptation, Dublin
Phil Archer took part in this workshop and presented the work of the Labelling Working Group as ICRA prepares to move fron PICS to RDF-based labels. Content Adaptation usually means making the same content available for users of different devices, such as desktop PCs and mobile phones; and with different preferences or abilities (so called accessibility). ICRA's position is content adaptation should also take into account the user's - or user's parents' - preferences for types of content.

12th October 2004

8th Transatlantic Dialogue
Internet, Standards of Content and the Protection of Minors. Stephen Balkam, ICRA's CEO spoke at this international gathering in Berlin organized by the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia (LfM). This gathering updated interested parties on developments since the issues were debated at the 5th meeting in 2003.

4th June 2004

Two new working groups launched
ICRA has launched two new working groups to review key aspects of its work.

The labelling working group will be investigating alternative methods for labelling. The present PICS-based system can sometimes present logistical and technical hurdles. A more flexible system, probably based on RDF, is being sought.

In parallel, ICRA's descriptive vocabulary, often referred to as "the ICRA questionnaire," is under review. ICRA's principles of creating a cross cultural system that is as objective as possible remains a foundation stone. However, the review will consider media types other than websites delivered to desktops.

Comments are invited for both working groups

18th May 2004

WWW2004 Workshop on Content Labelling - Technical and Socio-Cultural Challenges and Solutions
ICRA staff took part in this workshop at WWW2004. ICRA is preparing to make its labelling system available using RDF/XML as an alternative to PICS. Others, notably the W3C and ICRA members IA Japan, are carrying out closely related work with particular reference to mobile technologies.

26 - 27th March 2004 Internet with a human face - a common responsibility
25th May 2003 Associate Membership of ICRA now available!
7th January 2003 ICRA receives UK Registered Charity Status
2nd October 2002 White House Conference on Missing, Exploited, and Runaway Children
21st January 2003 Striking a balance: The control of children's media consumption
18th November 2002 International Chamber of Commerce backs ICRA
13-14th September 2001 GBDe Recommends ICRA labelling
6th September 2001 Council of Europe recommends self-regulation / labelling
October 2000 COPA Comission release final report
June 2000 Film Boards & Rating Criteria
July 2000 ICRA Testimony to COPA Commission
January 2000 ICRA Advisory Board Report

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