The ICRA system - a parent's view

ICRA empowers parents to make choices about what digital content their children can and cannot see. Choice not censorship is the phrase that best sums up our philosophy.

Different families will have different views about what is and is not appropriate for children of different ages. This is true within a single country but is even more of an issue on the internet and other digital media, which reach across all national and cultural borders. It is for this reason that ICRA offers a flexible approach to content filtering that truly empowers parents as individuals.

ICRA is not a software company and does not directly offer filtering solutions for parents. However, ICRA offers a range of materials that parents can use to help keep their children safe when accessing digital content, including filters that use ICRA data.

ICRA recognizes the following filtering tools, which, while not developed by ICRA/FOSI, make use of ICRA data in their systems*

The ParentalControl BarTM

Parental Control Tool Bar

The ParentalControl Bar is a free public service that helps concerned parents prevent their children from accessing adult-oriented Web sites. It is based on a database of ICRA labels created and maintained by

Help control what your family views online

ParentalControl Bar is a simple, powerful tool to help shield your children from explicit websites. Simply activate Child-Mode while your children surf the internet, and the toolbar will block access to adult-oriented websites.

A free public service

ParentalControl Bar is provided free of charge to the public by, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free, effective internet control tools.

Full details of this free tool, a tour and download details are available from

Editions Profil Parental FilterTM

Parental Filter

Parental Filter is a solution for parental control that ensures safe and appropriate use of the Internet in your family.

For more information please see:

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*The inclusion of third-party filters on these pages does not constitute an endorsement by FOSI or a guarantee of quality.

If you are a filter developer and you state publicly in your product literature and/or website that you make use of ICRA data, please contact us if you would like to be included on this page.

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