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ICRAplus is more than just another internet filter. It is the foundation that allows you to select and combine several filters to produce the precise solution you're looking for. You are strongly encouraged to install one or more of the filters available for use with the system. The core unit is unlikely to offer a satisfactory solution if used purely on its own.

At the heart of the filtering platform is ICRA's self-labelling system. Content providers can include a special hidden code in their websites known as an ICRA label. This declares whether the site contains various elements within a number of distinct categories: nudity and sexual material, violence, potentially offensive language, chat facilities or a range of other topics that may be of concern. In all, there are 45 different elements that ICRA labels may declare to be present or absent from a site. Users can then make individual choices about what types of content should be allowed or blocked.

What makes ICRAplus unique, however, is that as well as recognizing ICRA labels, it can also work with additional filters and block or allow access to a website based on a whole variety of different sources of information. For example, some filters use large lists of websites, others will use the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies to analyse text and/or images as you surf the web, or perhaps a mixture of these techniques.

ICRAplus allows you to select the filters you want and combines them into a single unit with a common interface. It has been designed so that the basic setting up of the system is as easy as possible, but there's plenty of opportunity for fine tuning to your particular needs if you so wish.

Optenet NCSR Demokritos
ICRA: Internet Contenet Rating Association European Union DG Information Society
ICRAplus was developed by Optenet, NCSR "Demokritos" and ICRA under the "SIFT" project, supported by the European Union Internet Action Plan.